About Minbull

The minbull.com is a conduit of the Mindanao Media Services and the online multimedia portal of The Mindanao Bulletin based in General Santos City, Philippines. The web news articles, digital photos, videos and audios are collected from its own affiliate news correspondents and from various partner news agencies.

Minbull is a multi-platform media and community news conduit run by the self-managed team. The team is dedicated to providing relevant information content useful for its customer audience.


We believe on the worth of creative plus informative service becomes significant when it is so meaningful to our customers that they articulate and proclaim it.


We work as a self-managed team capitalizing on workplace diversity. We recognized creative people want to toil for a cause, not just for a living.


The pursuit of fabled service is a lifelong quest. This is our journey to create exemplary service for the common good is the greatest accomplishment.