Mindanao PDP Laban stalwarts slam political turncoats joining the party

Key leaders of PDP LABAN Mindanao Area Council chaired by Cesar Cuntapay held a meeting on Thursday in Tagum City where they denounced the massive influx of political turncoats who joined the party for political convenience.

TAGUM CITY- Key leaders of PDP Laban in Mindanao have expressed concern over the influx of political turncoats who joined the administration party for the sake of political expediency.

Cesar Cuntapay, PDP Laban-Mindanao Area Council president, said key leaders of PDP Laban in Mindanao have urged Senate President Aquilino Pimentel, PDP Laban national president to scrutinize the membership of politicians from other political parties who joined the PDP Laban for political convenience.

Different PDP Laban regional presidents in Mindanao held a meeting here recently in a bid to strengthen the party amid the massive influx of local politicians who joined the administration party headed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

He said these politicians who took their oath as new members of the PDP Laban did not undergo the required basic membership seminar.

He stressed that applicants are required to undergo basic membership seminar before they will be admitted to the PDP Laban party.
The applicants are given lecture on the principles and advocacies of the party which are anchored on humanism, participatory democracy and federalism.

Cuntapay, a PDP Laban stalwart and concurrent regional president of Davao region, assailed speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of trampling on the constitution-and-by laws of PDP Laban for administering the oath of hundreds of local officials who joined the party without undergoing the membership seminar.

He said the influx of traditional politicians into the party has caused demoralization among old party members who embraced the ideals and principles of the party, which is considered a socialist political aggrupation.

Cesar Ledesma, PDP Laban party institute chairman in Mindanao, voiced concern over the entry of unscrupulous politicians into the party, saying that the process in recruiting new members to join the party was compromised because of Alvarez’s machinations.

He said Alvarez should stop administering the mass oath taking of local officials to join the party without inculcating to them the ideals and principles of the party.


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