Lawless armed group leader, followers, yield to police authorities in Maguindanao

COTABATO CITY -A leader of a notorious private armed group surrendered   along with his top lieutenants  to authorities in Maguindanao amid the  intensified law enforcement operations launched against lawless groups in central Mindanao last Wednesday, August 11.

Tamano Kamaong Mamalapat, a former Moro Islamic Liberation Front commander and his four armed followers surrendered to Maj. General Albert Ignatius Ferro,  Director of Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, during his visit to Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

Mamalapat alias Datu Tammy was included in watchlist of the PNP- Intelligence Group as a lawless armed group which served under former  Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom who was killed during an anti-drug operation in Makilala, North Cotabato in 2016.

Mamalapat, 49, and his cohorts, Butokan Latip Dodi, Adan Dibalaten, Mamalapat, Toto Bela Bugado, and Abidin Sabang Guimat, also yielded assorted high-powered firearms including  one M-16 Armalite Rifle, one M-79 grenade launcher , two M1 Garand rifle and one homemade 50 cal. Barrett sniper rifle.

Datu Saudi Ampatuan Mayor Edris Sindatok also turned over assorted loose firearms to Ferro  that were netted by authorities during intensified campaign against criminality and loose firearms within the locality.

 "I am fully committed to supporting the disbandment of private armed groups so that we can achieve peace and development in our place," Sindatok said.

Ferro said the government’s campaign against criminality and loose firearms was a prelude to the holding of a peaceful and honest election next year.

He also urged other members of lawless groups in the area to return to the folds of the law and reunite with their respective families.

Ferro also visited the nearby Ampatuan town where Mayor Bai Leah Sangki had also turned over seven assorted loose firearms turned in by unauthorized gun holders in the locality.

The  firearms include two units  Elisco M-16 assault rifle, three units of cal. 30M1 Garand rifle, one improvised assault rifle and one 12 gauge shotgun.

 Ferro said the disbandment of lawless armed groups swhich erved as private armed goons of local politicians and organized criminal syndicates was launched to ensure peace and stability during the election campaign next year.

 He said there were about 150 private armed groups nationwide more than half of which are actively operating.

He cited a possible increase of gun-related incidents in the forthcoming election that can be attributed to political rivalries.

 Tamano Kamaong Mamalapat, leader of  private armed group, turns over a cal. 50 Barret rifle to to Maj. General Albert Ignatius Ferro, PNP-CIDG Director after the armed lawless group leader and his four followers yielded to authorities in Maguindanao.   


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