[SPECKS OF LIFE] Coalitions, alliances, horse trading, etc.


“To lead the people, walk behind them.” - Lao Tzu


“T’was the best of times, t’was the worst of times…’and so rolled romantically the introductory quote by Charles Dickens of his 1859 immortal and much-discussed historical novel “ A Tale of Two Cities,” a period of political history set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution that interwove the personal but distinctly separate lives of two men, a French royalty and an ordinary Englishman.

The moral of Dickens’ narrative (as described in Wikipedia) is “that experience and tradition provide greater stability than revolutionary uprisings.”

The former points to Britain’s political development and the latter is represented by France.

With a dramatic eloquence that only Dickens can do, I am inclined, without any pretensions to duplicate the former, to liken, if not totally, compare the politics of that era to our contemporary Philippine political life.

Today, as we scour the political terrain, we observe the shrewdness of the most astute and overly-ambitious men and women who think each has a winning formula to capture the support of the Filipino people and secure the presidency in the coming 2022 national polls.

To be truthful about it, none of the aspiring figures styling himself (herself) as the man (woman) who can beat the endorsed candidate of the incumbent Duterte administration who appears unmistakably as Davao City Mayor Inday Sara.

So much insinuations, back-stabbing, underground ops, propaganda and machinations are polluting the air regarding this and that possible coalition and alliance aimed at toppling the Establishment.

VP Leni Robredo, who ideally should be the leading contender, has been flip-flopping, an attitude that does not do justice to her position. She is scared like a dog scampering with its tail between its legs. Her Yellow comrades have neither been resolute enough to persuade her to declare categorically her political intentions.

She is now reportedly willing to support a (Isko) Moreno - (Manny) Pacquiao tandem who, as media operators are hypeing, is capable of giving the Duterte-anointed a run for the money.

Will Paquiao settle for second? Nope, he said so in his several media interviews. But who knows really?

His ego has been bruised, much more bruises than what Yordenis Ugas did.

Horse trading and compromises are now the order of the day.

The opposition, contrary to their “positive” and self-serving press statements, is actually in a frenzy scouting for the right combination. 

Lacson, the first to declare his presidential objective, is still inviting other groups to coalesce with him and his VP partner Tito Sotto despite presenting a nearly complete 12-man senatorial line-up.

The Lacson-Sotto ticket looks formidable on paper, what with several re-electionists and returnees on the list. Which politicalparty will Lacson carry? NPC?

The Liberals are without yet a standard bearer.

But do not raise your quizzical eyebrows if they bring in Moreno or Pacquiao in due time.

The Liberals cannot produce a winnable candidate from within its ranks. I don’t know why they are not not propping up Kiko Pangilinan or Franklin Drilon, two of the most senior active senators. 

My guess is that these two guys also know they cannot win the presidency at this time.

My oh my.

And yet, the opposition is ONLY going up against a city mayor for the 

highest position of the land?

Yes, only against ANOTHER CITY MAYOR!

The virtual reality seems to stare the opposition hard in the face as the deadline for the filing of COCs nears.

The practical consciousness among voters and would-be supporters is that no one will back or vote for a losing candidate.  

Save for the fanatics. (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES! 


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