Greenpeace flagship to arrive Friday to “Turn The Tide” against coal

P-Noy called to come aboard and lead the ‘Energy Revolution’

Greenpeace today challenged President Noynoy Aquino to ‘Turn the Tide’ of dirty development by supporting a green pathway toward the Philippines’ Energy [R]evolution. The environment group made the call as they announced the visit of the Rainbow Warrior to the country. The Greenpeace flagship is in the region for the “Turn the Tide tour of Southeast Asia” and is set to dock on Friday, November 19, at Makar Wharf, General Santos City in Mindanao. The ship’s visit also marks 10 years of Greenpeace work in Southeast Asia.

"The Turn the Tide Tour of the Rainbow Warrior brings a message of hope and is a call to action for all ASEAN governments. The Philippines is constantly battered by catastrophic climate change impacts. But our message is, we can lead the way in showing the world how solutions to this crisis can be enacted. PNoy is the man who can make this happen by committing to a green development pathway through an Energy [R]evolution,” said Mark Dia, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Philippines country representative.

The “Energy [R]evolution” is an evolution in the way energy is produced, distributed and used. A massive uptake of renewable energy, decentralized smart energy grids, and energy efficiency technologies, are keys to mitigating climate change, and the humanitarian crises brought about by its catastrophic impacts. The conditions in the Philippines make it a clear leader in such an undertaking, with the landmark Renewable Energy Act, and with readily available renewable energy sources. The only obstacles are aggressive lobby efforts by dirty coal power producers, and the lack of political will to challenge this status quo.

As part of the ship tour, Greenpeace is inviting PNoy to visit their flagship when it docks in Manila on November 27 to 29, and is urging him to commit to 50% renewable energy by 2020, through a public petition at their website,

The presence of the Rainbow Warrior in General Santos and the events in the area will serve to highlight the need for a clean, peaceful, sustainable energy solution for Mindanao. Activities in Mindanao include solidarity activities with communities in Maasim, Saranggani who are opposing coal power and aspiring for a better future with renewables.

“While industrialized nations and fast-developing countries are pointing to each other to be first to commit carbon reduction targets, the Philippines can target 50% renewable energy by 2020 and show the rest of the world that development and prosperity are readily achievable through a low-carbon pathway. President Aquino can bring this message to the United Nations Climate Change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, which starts on November 29,” said Jasper Inventor, Climate & Energy Campaigner of Greenpeace International.

“Opting for the Energy [R]evolution pathway can be PNoy’s contribution to the continuing legacy of the Aquino family in bringing about peaceful, sustainable power to the people,” concluded Dia.

Greenpeace is an independent, global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment, and to promote peace.(pr)


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