Malungon gears up for GREAT barangays

Some 340 newly elected barangay officials from Malungon in Sarangani have completed the three-week seminar workshop on Barangay Governance Development Program conducted by the Department of Interior and Local Government at Sydney Hotel, this city.

Local government officer Melencio R. Balanag said the workshop was aimed at imparting on barangay officials the importance of responsible leadership that is being espoused by the Aquino government in a bid to enhance barangay governance system along the countryside.

He said the seminar was successfully conducted through the efforts and participation by the Liga ng mga Barangay headed by ABC President Delia F. Constantino, and local government officials headed by Mayor Reynaldo F. Constantino.

"With almost all the town's barangay officials in attendance, I am certain that the much aspired headship in the grassroots level shall soon be attained," Balanag said.

Dubbed "Laying the foundation for Grassroots Empowerment for Accountable and Transparent (GREAT) Barangay," Mayor Reynaldo F. Constantino said the participants who represented the 31 barangays of Malungon during the seminar was a lucid manifestation that the old political system in the locality has already vanished to pave the way for a more responsible and dedicated kind of governance.

"I think I have already shown my people my kind of leadership that girds towards the betterment of my constituents. Today, I presume that politics in my municipality already met a dot, and it's now the right time for us to stand together, firmly, towards the fulfillment of what we once protracted to achieve," Constantino said .

He said all local government's initiated developmental projects will be undertaken under the supervision of these new breed of grassroots' leaders. " I think there's no more other reason for us Malungonians to stay behind the fruitful line of success, progress and development in the years to come," Constantino said.

Sarangani DILG director Flor Limpin Jr. said the seminar was part of the series of orientation program launched by DILG purposely to enhance the leadership capability of every barangay in the province's 140 barangays.

Balanag said for Malungon town alone, which one of the two largest municipalities in Sarangani, participants were divided into 3 batches with some 110 participants per batch for them to fully understand the teachings during the seminar.

"Though we were not able to get the targeted number of participants following the failure of six barangay officials to come, I still consider the activity a great success due to the active participation showed by the participants during the workshop , "Balanag said. (MIO-Malungon/ ippalma).


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