Community quarantine in GenSan implemented

More strictly enhanced community quarantine in GenSan, it will be implemented; "To those who are crazy, our city jail is still luag, you can put it here" - Mayor Rivera

General Santos City-GenSan's local community quarantine has implemented a more strict community quarantine following the death of a patient under investigation (PUI) due to possible infection of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Department of Health Region 12 confirmed this where it says a 30-year-old PUI woman died due to pneumonia while it was in the hospital on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Peter Ian Tabar, the doctor who took care of the said PUI, it allegedly had cancer and died while waiting for the result of its COVID testing.

" Patient has strong cancer, which can spread within 3 to 4 months and the results of his X-ray is not looking good either," Tabar language.

Based on DOH-12 investigation, the said PUI has no travel history in areas where there is a case of COVID-19 and it also has no exposure to COVID patients.

According to DOH-12, there are already 5 cases of death of PUI in the region and 3 three of these are confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The latest confirmed case of COVID-19 is an 87-year-old PUI from Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat where it also died on March 14.

According to the report, it got the virus from her daughter-in-law who is a provincial board member in the province of Sultan Kudarat which is now subjected to quarantine.

According to Allan Freno, information officer of Tacurong City, Mayor Angelo Montilla allegedly subjected the whole city to enhanced community quarantine after having a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the city.

Health authorities are currently conducting contact tracing to victim's relatives who attended its wake and also purenary employees who provided service to the deceased.

On the note of DOH-12, there are now approximately 100 cases of PUI while PUM is 4,700 due to COVID-19 in Region 12 which includes the provinces of Cotabato, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and the cities of General Santos and Cotabato.

Because of this, City Mayor Ronnel Rivera ordered the strict implementation of enhance community quarantine in the city where non-essential travels of people are strictly prohibited in the city proper.

" This is our policemen direct, to strictly implement our essential passes, please if you go out of the house, it should be essential," ani Rivera.

Rivera warns those who will not follow local government law implemented because they will allegedly be faced with cases such as "civil disobedience" or Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code.

" There is an instruction for our police force and barangay officials for those who are not following which is to file cases for those who are crazy and our city jail, you can put it here," he added more.

In relation to this, the General Santos City Police Office even more restricted the implementation of Executive Order No. 19 local government or Extreme Prevention on Non-essential Travels and Other Measures against COVID-19.

According to Police Colonel Aden Lagradante, GSCPO director, we need to be aggressive in law enforcement because COVID-19 is not a joke and we should stop spreading it in GenSan.

Wed on Wednesday caused traffic on checkpoints, strict police enforcement in the said executive order in which many motorists were dismissed after knowing that its walks are not important.

Director's explanation, we need to control people's admission to the city proper to prevent more social contacts so that the deadly virus does not spread.

Based on the released executive order of local government strictly prohibited non-essential travels in the city except health personnel, security forces, government personnel and essential workers belonging to food production.

Lagradante also reminds GenSan residents not to use the " home quarantine pass " provided by the local government as a " car pass " and instead use it for purchase requirements and emergencies.

" Home quarantine pass is not a car pass, if your travel is non-essential, we will send you home," ani Lagradante.

Lagradante added, expect to allegedly that they will make implementation in such policy more strict and it also advised the public to stay in their own houses.

" Let's hit the COVID-19 and you will make your families," reminder



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