[REFLECTIONS] Let’s be open to the new things

ESPECIALLY to those of my generation, we have to realize more deeply that we need to be open to the new things that are coming our way at an accelerating rate. In fact, we should be open to anything if we want ourselves to be truly a friend of everyone and of everything, to be like Christ who made himself, as St. Paul would put it, “all things to all men.” (1 Cor 9,22) He even made himself like sin without committing sin if only to identify himself with us more completely and thus finish his redemptive mission here on earth. (cfr. 2 Cor 5,21)

 For this, we should develop in ourselves an active, vibrant spirit of initiative to learn more things, to undertake more tasks, to broaden and lengthen our sense of mission. For this we need to have a sporting spirit that is based on our strong and deep faith in God who takes care of everything.

 Yes, it’s true that we have our limitations, we have our own niche in the world, but that fact should not deter us from continually looking for possibilities to do more and to be better. We should never say “enough.” Let’s remember that we are asked to participate in God’s continuing creative and redemptive work on us.

Of course, this can only happen if we are truly with Christ, if we really have the spirit of God who never stops loving us with deeds and not just with sweet words and good intentions. If we have the spirit of God, we know that with his grace, we can manage to do things that we usually consider as impossible to do.

If we have the spirit of God, we know that despite formidable obstacles and difficulties, we can still do a lot of things. We can be like water that can manage to pass through the mountains to find its way to the sea. We just have to try and try.

Obviously, we need to have a sporting spirit for this. Let’s not throw in the towel before we start a new ball game. These days when we have not only some kind of digital revolution but also the age of artificial intelligence, we should not be afraid to enter into these new fields, thinking that these things are not anymore for us and that these are only for the young people today.

 We should be open to anything, to wherever life leads and takes us. We know that with Christ, we can handle anything—of course, in ways that usually defy human standards and criteria. Let’s remember that if we have faith, miracles happen. Let’s just put ourselves at God’s dispositions. He knows much better than we do.

Thus, we can afford to be cheerful and confident about everything, though we cannot deny that we will have suffering. But again, if we are truly with Christ, we would know how to bear all that suffering with peace and joy.

Let’s hope that everytime we pray, we would always be moved to come up with some initiatives. That should be the usual effect of a real prayer. God will always ask us to flow with the times, working with him in his continuing creative and redemptive work on us. May we not be afraid of this responsibility!


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