[SPECKS OF LIFE] Political realities in GenSan

A good number of LGU concerns need to be addressed by the next city mayor squarely if residents of GenSan expect to enjoy its potentials of greatness.

These issues have been lingering for more than two decades already but even the changes in leadership who took the helm have barely scratched the surface.

For instance, the unsolved flooding in the city.

Every so often, when it rains like cats and dogs, citizens can only howl in muted exasperation when major streets and low lying areas are soaked in knee-deep waters yet there seems to be no explanation coming from the authorities to calm down the nerves of the affected people.

Another lingering headache is the state of vehicular traffic congestion (mostly caused by the undisciplined tricycles operating in the city) and transportation which has remained untouched, indicating a dismal tactical failure on the part of - again - the authorities and the “wise” men and women sitting in the city council.

A third major issue is the decrepit and antiquated Dadiangas public market which MUST be replaced with a modern multi-story wet and dry edifice that should provide convenience and comfort to GenSan consumers and patrons, including ample parking spaces.

A fourth concern is street lighting.

Unlike other cities elsewhere in Mindanao, our city streets are poorly lit, if not dark and dim. These conditions parlay the idea that our city does not welcome tourists and visitors because darkness indicates a scary and eerie environment.

Fifth, a new city hall that can house all departments under one roof is also desirable to afford everyone transacting business with the LGU to complete their deals in one place in one day.

Candidates for city mayor in the coming May 2022 polls must offer advocacies and solutions to these issues and concerns.

Each should be able to present his/her individual platform of government, without mouthing motherhood statements that amount to nothing.  

Achievable and sustainable concepts of good governance combined with integrity, track record and competence will help voters to choose wisely and to elect the right candidate.

And let’s not forget about the prevailing relative peace and order, the illegal drugs trade and illegal activities like illegal gambling, prostitution, land egistration and right of way mess.

I have yet to hear any of the candidates speak about their platforms and their vision for our beloved city.

GenSan has one of the best potentials to be transformed into a great city (maybe approximating even just 50% of what Singapore is like today) because it has plenty of room for improvement. 

It enjoys a typhoon-free season all-year round, a sea port and an airport that can accommodate a certain volume of domestic and foreign passenger mix, it has beaches that can be improved and beautified to international standards.

The people are friendly and literate and seafood galore is fresh and yummy.

To tell you frankly, GenSan is lagging far behind its counterparts in Mindanao.

Tourism is down. Even before the pandemic hit us, hotels were half-full and you don’t get to see foreign tourists roaming around.

Make no mistake about this. For all intents and purposes, tourism helps generate job and income opportunities for our people.

Among the candidates who have filed their COCS, do we have someone who fits the bill?

A 64-dollar question, is it? 

As entertainment people are ever addicted to say: “DIos me ‘day! (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!


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