29 BIFF rebels yield to military in Maguindanao

Lt.Col. Elmer Boongaling, 33rd IB commander, inspects the assorted firearms turn in by BIFF surrenderees to 33rd IB personnel.

ISULAN, SULTAN KUDARAT- At least 29 members of ISIS-inspired Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters yielded Tuesday to military authorities in Maguindanao.
Colonel Jose Narciso, 601st Brigade commander, said the BIFF surrenderors surrendered to officials of the 33rd Infantry Battalion in Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao.
He said among the surrenderees include Mack Mangulamas,the commander of the group; alleged bomb makers  Sarabi Abdulgapor and Anwar Sulay; Jore Abusama/Jhorie Indo, Jeffrey Panalandang, Mario Melang Samama, Hassirin Angkaw Kalulong, Mark Muncel Mao, Dandi Mao Unaw, Arnel Muncel Mao; Ariel Muncel Mao; Rey Muncel Mao; Janny Muncel Mao; Juanito Bongon Mao; Darel Muncel Mao; Putao Maliga Utto, a.k.a. Potrez, Platoon Leader; Noah Edzaman Utto,; Asraf Utto; Jerry Utto; Salman Utto; Mama Patikay Angas; Sambutuan Moadz Mohamad, Said Amal; Nasrodin Samal Talembo, Abdulrahman Abe Demalen, a.k.a; Rasty Lucas Sambolawan; Jauries Usain Hansa; Mohamad Pendulat; and Norhasim Sapalon Pangilamen’
Narciso said the surrederees also yielded assorted high-powered firearms including  one M14 rifle; one 5,56 Ultimax rifle; two 50 caliber sniper rifle; two rocket-propelled grenade launcher; one M79 Grenade launcher; four sniper rifle, caliber 50 barrel; one grenade launcher, 40mm M79; four  calibre 30 Garand rifles, one 5.56mm Ultimax rifle; two 9mm Ingram submachine Gun Ingram; one calibre 30 sniper rifle,  two calibre 50 barret sniper rifle,  two one M-79 grenade Launcher, one M203 grenade launcher, one 40mm M203 Tube, BIFF and ISIS flag and. RPG ammunition.
He said the former BIFF rebels were operating in the towns of Mamasapano and Shariff where Government forces launched last month intensified military offensives against the Islamic militant group which resulted in the killing of 14 rebels and four soldiers.  
Captain Rodrigo Sinoy, 601st Brigade civil military officer, said the focused military operations against the BIFF rebel group had prompted the surrenderors to yield and avail the peace and development programs of the Maguindanao provincial government under Gov. Bai Mariam Mangudadatu.
Sinoy said the BIFF surrenderees will undergo custodial debfriefing at the 33rd IB headquarters before they will be turned to the provincial government for the provision of livelihood assistance.


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