Mindanao, steps ahead in transport modernization thru Bajaj three-wheelers


Habal-habal and other unique Mindanao tricycles are highly improvised two-wheeled single motorcycle known as the undisputed last-mile land transportation vehicles. These two-wheeled vehicles usually traverse in the long, some narrow roads, and steeper, rougher terrains of Mindanao. It can also transport at least six passengers, including baggage ranging from vegetables and groceries to livestock like chicken yet to be included, until there is space to fit. Little did we know, as the spotlight for progress and growth started hitting Mindanao, Mindanaoans started realizing to step up their ride too. Now, Mindanao is the powerhouse for the sixty percent of the over sixty thousand population of Bajaj three-wheelers in the Philippines. 

Bajaj RE was the first Bajaj three-wheeler well-loved by the Mindanaoans now perfectly used as pampasada. Later, business models such as Bajaj Maxima Z “Ang multi-purpose partner sa Negosyo” and Bajaj Maxima Cargo “Delivering Powerful Solutions” both with the more powerful 236.2 CC DTS-I engine, heavy duty CV Shaft that can carry heavy loads thru difficult terrain, and dual front fork suspension to continuously absorb shock and harsh motions, were introduced and continued to be accepted. The combination of a symmetrically arranged configuration, powerful engine, and world class engineering made these Bajaj Three-wheeler models the modern icons of Mindanao’s last-mile land transport. Apart from these, Bajaj Three-wheelers’ spacious cabins can surely carry any kinds of loads with carrying capacity ranging from 310kg up to 520kg. Personal or business use? Starting at Php 182,888 SRP, you can now avail of the World’s No. 1 Three-wheeler and limitlessly customize it the way you want. All of them are gasoline-fueled with fuel injection system making them environment and budget friendly packed with worry-free aftersales parts and service. 

In October 29 and 30, Bajaj joins with the National Federation of Transportation Cooperatives (NFTC) in holding the 1st Mindanao Transport Cooperative Congress in GenSan with the talks on transport modernization during this new normal. To know more about Bajaj Three-wheelers, visit www.bajaj.com.ph or fb.com/BajajPhilippines


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